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Registration to the international and the Québec Forum is offered on a complimentary basis.
Session recordings and consensus documents will be made available online after the event.

Dates: 14-15 October, 2021

Policy on Respectful Dialogue

The International Donation and Transplantation Legislative and Policy Forum welcomes a wide diversity of clinicians, researchers, affiliated healthcare professionals, law-makers, government representatives, media etc. Participants are encouraged to keep criticism constructive, and avoid personal attacks. Debate of ideas is encouraged, allowing participants to enjoy a lively and stimulating event.

Recording of Presentations is Strictly Prohibited

No individual or entity - including a presenting author - may electronically record or broadcast any portion of the Forum (including their own presentation) without prior written consent of the organizers. Unauthorized recording of presentations without the express written consent of the organizers and individual authors is strictly prohibited. The Organizers reserve the rights to any approved audio and video production of presentations.

Policy on Social Media Use

This netiquette applies to comments and shared publications of Transplant Québec on social media networks.

Our content is open to everyone, regardless of age, religion, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Transplant Québec does not in any way endorse comments made by third parties regarding any subject surrounding organ donation and its activities.

Transplant Québec reserves the right to ban, without warning, any person who violates its netiquette.

On social media networks, we invite you to be courteous at all times. Transplant Québec reserves the right to withdraw or not to publish contents which are not relevant or do not respect this netiquette.

When you interact on our social media networks:

  • please make sure you stay on topic;
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